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Malaysian Share: Make Your Own DIY Face Mask (Easy Peasy, No Machine Needed)

As we all know, the pandemic seems to be never-ending, and face masks are now as essential as your smart phones, keys, and wallet!

We also understand using disposable masks can be unsustainable. Hence, a reusable fabric face mask comes into the picture!

Although it is non-medical, a fabric face mask is more affordable, sustainable, and will still prevent you from touching your face constantly.

Now, this article is for those who are crafty or could use some free-time during MCO or the weekends to make your own DIY face mask!

Let’s start!

What You Need to Make The Face Mask

This method is very easy, no fuss and best of all you don’t even need a sewing machine! You just need your hands and a couple of tools that you can find in your home.

  1. 100% cotton fabric or linen cotton fabric
  2. 2 Elastics (40cm)
  3. Threads
  4. A needle
  5. Scissors
  6. Iron
  7. Pen and ruler

Video guide:

A photo below shows the exact size and measurement

Step 1:

Fold the 40cm x 17cm fabric in half like so (vertically):

Step 2: Filter Pocket

Make a pocket by sewing the side edges of the fabric by 1cm, each sides.

Leave about 1 cm gap from the top edge of the fabric.

refer to video: 00:00 – 00:26

Step 3: Iron down the opening

Step 4: Flip the fabric inside out

refer to video: 00:30 – 00:54

Step 5: Make a pleated pattern

Make a pleated pattern as shown below

Iron down the pleats to ensure the pleated shape stays

refer to video: 00:54 – 01:19

Separate the front & back layer of fabric to create pocket space for mask filter.

refer to video: 01:20 – 01:32

Step 6: Make loops for the ear elastics

Grab the 2 smaller fabric cuts (15cm x 6cm)

Sew about 1cm away from the side edges and fold

refer to video: 01:34 – 02:08

Step 7: Insert the elastics into the loops

Insert the 2 elastics (40cm) for each side of the mask

refer to video: 02:10 – 02:15

Step 8: Sew the sides tight and neat

This last step is a little tricky!

You want to sew the sides as seamlessly as possible.

Don’t worry though, we will show you step by step in the video!

refer to video: 02:20 – 03:52

and TADAA you are done!

Easy right? Do share with your friends and family if you find this helpful and fun 😁

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