Readers Rejoice! Get Your FREE e-Books from The National Library

Visit your National Library online today!

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Readers, you’re in for a treat!!

Yeah you heard me, we are not lying. You can now borrow your favourite e-books from the National Library for FREE!

Look no further, we’ll let you in on our little open secret…

What Open Secret?

Recently, a Facebook user wrote a post sharing the wonders of our National Library.

You must be thinking, pfft who even goes there anymore weh? Well, you will be surprised that there are still a number of us who do. (Just take a look at the statistics below)

Source : National Library

Well, to all you hungry readers out there, look no further.

You can simply make your borrowings online now! Simply hop on over to Overdrive and have a browse at any books that you fancy.

How Do You Get Them Free??

According to the user, you can borrow the books even if you have no account with the library.

Simply input your lucky number between pnm001 to pnm999 when prompted to input your Library Card at the log-in and voila it’s yours for 7 days!

However, you should take note that the library card IDs are shared amongst your friends. So don’t be surprised if you find other books saved in your cart or account.

Since the licenses are all paid for, you don’t have to search the depths of the internet in search of your favourite e-book anymore. If you would like to read on the go, you can download the Libby app and the books will be transferred over. Maybe it’s time we adopt our Look East policy lah.

What’s Available?

Now, you must be thinking, “Hello it’s our National Library lah, what better books do they have in there?

We did some scanning through the non-exhaustive list of e-books available and can fairly say that, for the price you pay (nothing), they do have a pretty good assortment of books at your disposal.

Source : National Library

We’ve spotted that Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari & Billion Dollar Whale are amongst the best available non-fiction e-books available for you to borrow.

On top of that, there are also great self-help titles like TED Talks by Chris Anderson (if you fancy being a great public speaker ya know, just sayin’)

Source :National Library

A Game of Thrones is available to fans of the HBO hit-series, if you would like to dive into the books for gorier juicier details.

Source :National Library

Or go for the Maybank collection for business savvy, or potential entrepreneurs.

After much research into the website, we found that there are Audiobooks available to borrow as well!

So if you’re not the type that’s into books, or have motion sickness reading on the go, this is the best alternative for you during your daily commute.

Source :National Library

We’re glad that our government is introducing initiatives like these to cultivate a next generation of educated schoolchildren.

The seeds have been planted, perhaps now is your best chance to grow them into trees 🌲🌲

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