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Being a new parent isn’t as easy as how our parents say it is. But it isn’t as exaggerated as what the movies make it out to be. Finding the right diaper for your baby is one of the first few daunting challenges faced for new parents. There’s so many different types of diapers and brands to choose from. So many factors to take in when deciding on which diaper to buy, it gets confusing. With the right preparation and the right tools, diapering could become a breeze within the first few weeks.

Type of Diaper

Disposable Diaper

Disposable diapers are probably the first choice by most parents these days. Parents opt for disposable diapers as they are more convenient in general. It saves you time on doing extra laundry, easy to dispose when going out, and easy to manage and master as compared to cloth diapers.

Tape diapers are the most common type of diapers typically used for newborns up till 2 years old. As your baby starts to learn how to potty train, you can begin to opt for diaper pants to let them get used to the look and feel of a normal underwear.

Disposable diapers typically compose of 3 layers which is the top layer, the absorbent core, and the outer layer. It is important to take note on the chemicals and materials used for each layer to ensure that the diapers are non-irritable and long-lasting.

Huggies Disposable Diaper

Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers is an inexpensive alternative for disposable diapers. It may be harder to manage but it is more eco-friendly, cheap, and overall safer from the chemicals that may be used in disposable diapers.

Cloth diapers have many different ranges such as flats, fitted diapers, and pocket diapers. Flats are the traditional diapers which is just a square sized single-layered fabric that you fold to fit your baby’s bum. Fitted diapers on the other the hand saves you time on having to fold it as it is already made to fit to your baby’s booty. The most popular option of cloth diapers would have to be pocket diapers. It is similar to fitted diapers but contains a pocket which allows you to insert and dispose an absorbent liner at any time to keep the diapers dry.

Cloth diapers usually uses fabrics that are soft and absorbent such as cotton fleece, wool, or flannel. For more eco-friendly options, you can also opt for organic cotton cloth diapers made from bamboo. We’ll be focusing more on disposable diapers in this article

Cloth Diapers

Quantity & Sizing

Newborn babies require more diapers in a day. They could use up between 5-10 diapers a day and as they grow bigger they require less often changing. We recommend buying between 60-80 pieces of newborn diapers to start off with. Refrain from buying too much too soon as your baby would quickly overgrow these newborn diapers. Sizes may vary from each brand, so you should take note of their sizing chart that is usually provided at the store. The weight recommendations are also placed on the packaging itself to allow you to make a better choice in which diaper size would suit your baby. As the baby’s growth rate becomes more settled, you can then opt to buy in bulk. This is usually when the baby is about 8- 12 months and 12- 24 months. Brands usually sell their diapers in recommended quantities per bag according to the size so it’s one less step for you to worry.

Huggies Natural Soft Diapers


Every baby react differently to different materials and structures. It is best to try different types of brands and diapers. A disposable diaper mainly compose of 3 layers. The top layer, the absorbent layer, and the outer layer. The top layer is important as it is the layer that the skin will be in contact with the diaper. Brands such as Huggies produces diapers that are known to be soft on the skin. It is also important to note that the diapers should be hypoallergenic.

The absorbent layer is also an important aspect to consider. It contains chemical crystals that can absorbs liquid and transform it into a gel form to keep the liquid away from the baby. Leakage control and absorbency differs from each brand. Therefore, don’t believe the advertisements before trying them.

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It is best to try out different brands and types of diapers to find what suits best for your baby. But it can be costly to purchase from different brands. Huggies provides different varieties of diapers ranging from comfort sensitive diapers, diaper pants, and even overnight diapers. Their sizes ranges between newborn till XXL which can fit babies up to 3 years old. Try out their free samples before purchasing. Click here to claim your free sample!

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