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Top 7 Mattress in Malaysia – Sleep Like a Snorlax!

Looking for the perfect mattress for your good night rest can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be because we have saved you the trouble by listing some of the best mattresses in Malaysia!

There is a mattress for everyone in this article no matter your budget. Get ready to sleep like a snorlax!

1. Sonno Original

With Sonno, you get the unparalleled support of a firm mattress with the sumptuous comfort of a medium-firm pillow top. Sonno’s combination of five-star layers and materials allows the mattress to both contour and support your entire body. On a firmness scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is very soft and 10 is very hard, Sonno is a 6-7.

  • Zero motion transfer
  • Dust mite resistant
  • No springs attached
  • 100-night trial
  • Free shipping 
  • 10-year warranty


Single: RM1,699.00

Super single: RM1,999.00

Queen: RM2,499.00

King: RM2,999.00

Website: https://www.sleepsonno.com/

2. The Joey

The Joey Mattress

The founder of Joey started Joey Mattress to create an alternative stress-free mattress-shopping experience with online-only business model.

They deliver directly to you, so you can sit back, relax and wait for your mattress to be delivered to your doorstep!


  • Next Day Delivery within Klang Valley
  • 99 Nights In Home Trial
  • Worry-Free Returns Nationwide¹
  • Zero Motion Transfer Technology
  • Proprietary in-house blend
  • Breathable micro-cell foam structure
  • Medium-firmness
  • Manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals, heavy metals, or ozone depleters
  • 10-Year Warranty


Single: RM1,350.00

Super single: RM1,695.00

Queen: RM2,095.00

King: RM2,595.00

Website: https://joeymattress.com/

3. Mlily IGLOO (NanoCool™)


The IGLOO cooling hybrid is one of our most popular and best-selling mattresses. It has a medium-plush feel that actively adapts to the contours of every individual, providing pressure relief to side sleepers. The Cooling Knit Fabric Cover and Gel AuroFusion Memory Foam layer promote airflow and a cooler sleep all night

  • Quality Control
  • Made without ozone depleters and maintain CertiPUR-US Safety Standards
  • Relieve pressure
  • Disperse body pressure
  • Consistent back support
  • 10 years quality assurance


Super single: RM1,199.00

Queen: check website when restocked

King: RM1,999.00

Website: https://mlily-malaysia.sitegiant.co/

4. Naturenite Identity 80


An exquisite latex mattress target for firmer choice which is great for back support. Design with a comfortable bounce from Natural Latex added with a firm Duramax Hd foam base, gives a very comfortable bounce & contouring alignment. Elevate your sleep with 100% natural latex that provides you with an excellent comfort & healthy sleep

  • Gentle firm
  • Slightly firmer than hepta option
  • Design for greater support
  • Excellent pressure relief and body contouring feature
  • Ideal for elderly or sleepers with backache
  • 10 Year pro-rated warranty + 45 days risk free trial for this product


Single: RM2,357.00

Super single: RM2,588.00

Queen: RM3,569.00

King: RM4,209.00

Website: https://naturenite.com

5. Napure Cloud Deluxe

Napure Cloud series of mattresses is made of Napure 7 zone 100% natural latex. This series is specially designed with a covering material that provides you with a hygienic and green sleep environment. The superior ergonomic support from Napure latex conforms to your body posture and provides you therapeutic support. This series comes in different hardness and thickness to suit individual preferences.

  • Pressure Relieving Visco Elastic Foam.
  • 7 Zone Back-Care Napure Latex.
  • Extra Firm Latex Edge Box.
  • Anti-Static Ticking (Release Static Current)
  • 10 years warranty


Single: RM4,829.00

Super single: RM5,449.00

Queen: RM6,229.00

King: RM7,789.00

Website: https://www.napure.com/

6. Dreamland Chiro Perfect 1


Co-designed and endorsed by practicing chiropractors, Preferred Chiro Perfect 1 are designed with a low-profile pocket spring layer on the Miracoil™ Spring System (the world’s most advanced spring system) to provide the ultimate care and comfort for your back as you sleep the night away.

  • Low profile Pocket Spring on Miracoil™ Spring System.
  • Minimal partner disturbance.
  • Increased spinal support & comfort.
  • Fabric treated with Anti-Bedbug, Anti-Mosquito & Anti-Bacteria properties.
  • 10 Year Warranty


Single: RM3,199.00

Super single: RM3,499.00

Queen: RM4,499.00

King: RM5,199.00

Website: http://www.dreamland.com.my/

7. Dr. Alstone Signature

Dr. Alstone

Designed for those that require unparalleled comfort, luxury, support alongside the added “Cooler Extreme®” technology to regulate body temperature as you sleep; The Signature is the culmination of Dr.Alstone®’s years of research, experience and integration of cutting edge technology into mattress designs. They are now able to unveil their flagship model that delivers to users the ultimate sleeping experience. Rest easy with your new purchase as Dr.Alstone® provides a 100 days trial period to ensure that all users of The Signature are satisfied ones.

  • Zero Disturbance
  • Anti-Dust Mite
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Turn Free
  • Cold fabric
  • Temperature control
  • Firmer support
  • Breathability


Single: RM1,599.00

Super single: RM1,899.00

Queen: RM2,399.00

King: RM2,799.00

Website: https://dralstone.com/

Recap of Top 7 Mattresses in Malaysia – Sleep Like a Snorlax!

  1. Sonno Original
  2. The Joey
  3. Mlily IGLOO
  4. Naturenite Identity 80
  5. Napure Cloud Deluxe
  6. Dreamland Chiro Perfect 1
  7. Dr. Alstone Signature

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