Shopee 8.8 Brands Festival

1.1, 2.2, 3.3 , 4.4 , 5.5 , 6.6, 7.7….All these dates are just way too familiar. 8.8 is coming soon and you know what that means.. SHOPPING SPREE TIME! This August, Shopee is giving us a Million Dollar Brands Discount all subsidised by Shopee itself! Wah! They so rich one ah.

From the 26th of July till the 9th of August, Shopee will be giving us yummy yummy deals on our favourite brands at affordable prices.

August babies, your birthdays are real popular. Start hinting your friends your wishlist on Shopee. Get RM 8 off your favourite brands with a min. spend of just RM 38! Just use this exclusive code AT88.

Stalk Shopee on the daily to watch out for their RM 8 deals and Daily Brand Discounts with up to 50% off on popular brands. Different Brands. Everyday.

Here are some Brands you should look out for during this 8.8 sale:

So many brands. So many discounts. Just take my soul and my money! To top it all off, get RM15 free shipping when you spot this logo on your cart items.

LASTLY! Get extra discounts on 8.8 itself by using the code AT88P to get an additional RM 8 off with a minimum spend of just RM 28! The special number you need for that special day to represent 8.8.

Valid Promotion Through link here – https://accesstra.de/000rrl000k33


Code: AT88 
RM8 off min.spend RM38
Applicable on: 26th July - 9th Aug 2020
Code: AT88P
RM8 off min.spend RM28
Applicable on: 8th August 2020
Terms and Conditions applies.

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