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Malaysian Share: How to Make Your Own Dalgona Coffee in 5 Minutes

Here we go again, FMCO just smacked us in the face after the CRAZY high Covid-19 cases 🙁

We hope you are staying safe and doing well in the meantime!

So what better way to spend your lockdown than to do something creative and fun to pass time? If you have been seeing your friends making the dalgona coffee, ‘whisking’ their hands off during the first MCO but have not tried it yourself, this is the best time to try!

Fun fact: Dalgona was originated from a casual word in Korea “dalguna” which essentially means “sweet”, also a popular street snack sold in Korea that tastes like honeycomb toffee which consist of mainly just sugar and baking soda.

In this article, you will learn how to make the perfect dalgona coffee 😎 with some important tips so you don’t end up with sore arms the next day or failed attempts 😉 let’s go!

What you need:

  1. Pure instant coffee powder (tip: not 3 in 1)
  2. Sugar (tip: preferably fine or brown sugar so it dissolves easier. Sugar is also a crucial ingredient that affects the texture and consistency of the dalgona)
  3. Hot water (tip: make sure it is hot enough to melt the coffee & sugar)
  4. Milk of choice
  5. Whisk/fork/spoon to whisk (tip: use electrical whisk if you are lazy)

Here’s the step by step video:

Step by step video

Step 1:

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of coffee powder, sugar & water into a dish
    (tip: ensure ingredients are in equal ratios. If you’d like 3 tablespoons of coffee powder, likewise for sugar & water too)
  • Video reference: 0:00 – 0:15

Step 2:

  • Whisk the mixture in step 1!
  • Video reference: 0:16 – 0:21

Step 3:

  • You’re not done here. Whisk again until sticky and foamy consistency!
  • Video reference: 0:22 – 0:47

Step 4:

  • Pour desired amount of milk into a glass
    (tip: not too much as it might dilute the coffee taste)
  • Video reference: 0:49 – 0:54

Step 5:

  • Top your whisked dalgona coffee on top of the milk
  • Video reference: 0:55 – 1:15

Step 6:

  • Snap a photo, show it off! (Of course. You put in a lot of effort into your whisking game) enjoy!

We hope these simple steps on how to make your own dalgona coffee will keep you occupied and make you feel less mundane staying home.

At least with dalgona coffee, you don’t need to head out for your caffeine fix. Just make yourself at home! It’s fun and satisfying 😋

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