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15 Things To Do in Ipoh (Morning till Night)

If you are looking for a short getaway or day trip to a quieter and less touristy state in Malaysia, Ipoh in Perak is a place you should not miss! 

Visitors are often spoilt with a variety of appealing local food, street art, historical heritage and fun family activities.

In this article, we have curated a list of things to do in Ipoh from morning till night to ease your burden from planning the perfect itinerary for your trip.

Let’s go!

1. Breakfast at a Kopitiam (Coffee Shop) 

Every visit in the morning to the kopitiam in Ipoh is accompanied by crowds and long queues.

Kopitiam + queues in Ipoh seem to be inseparable! 

Nam Heong Food Court @ Ipoh SoHo | Motormouth From Ipoh - Asian Food &  Travel Blog
Source: j2kfm

This further proves that the kopitiams there are trustworthy. You can trust the uncles and aunties behind the counters and kitchen to serve you some warm, crispy kaya + butter toasts and a cup of famous Ipoh white coffee!

Source: Instagram

You can hardly miss a kopitiam when you step your foot into Ipoh. Hence, worry not. Just pick one with the most crowd and you are good to go!

After all, that is how most Malaysians judge the quality of a restaurant right? Crowds are our best measurement! 

If you can’t decide which, you can visit Nam Heong 南香茶餐室 for some freshly baked egg tarts, white coffee, and even some dim sum too. 

Source: Aroma Asian
Source: Aroma Asian

2. Walk down Ipoh Heritage Trail 

What better idea to exercise and do some walking after some comfort breakfast in a kopitiam?

Source: Remote Lands

Ipoh is a city rich in history which explains the historical building and architecture along the trail. It may get a little sunny in the morning or noon hence, do not be shy to carry an umbrella or a hat with you.

Ipoh – The Historical City in Malaysia – Part 3, Heritage Trail – A N D E R  E U
Source: Andereu

There are many attractions along the heritage trail of Ipoh such as the railway station, Majestic hotel, Ipoh tree and more!

It is perfect to admire and embrace these OG spots while taking some photos with your family.

3. Explore Gua Tempurung

Visit one of the most popular caves in Malaysia! Gua Tempurung or Tempurung Cave is one of the longest caves in Peninsular Malaysia.

Gua Tempurung is often known for its huge chambers and gorgeous rock formations. You will get to enjoy the impressive interior of the cave and do remember to wear long sleeves/arm sleeves and long pants as you will be crawling over stones.

4. Explore Ipoh Wall Mural Arts

Mural arts across random walls of Ipoh is another signature symbol of what makes Ipoh, “Ipoh”. It is definitely a tourist attraction in Malaysia as it adds more character to Ipoh as an old town. It is also seen in other states such as Penang.

The wall arts are painted by a talented street art artist Ernest Zacharevic. Thanks to him, Ipoh now looks stunning as ever! 

Here are some of our favourite arts. Just look at the details! 

Ipoh Street Art: A Must-do In Ipoh 2020 (Mural Art Includes Where To Find  Them)
Source: Travel With Sun
Ipoh Mural Art Trail - 2021 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with  Photos) - Tripadvisor
Source: Trip Advisor

5. Window Shop at Concubine Lane 

Concubine lane is another spot that is deeply rich in history with interesting stories of how it came about. The lane was only transformed and repurposed later around 2015-2016. 

Source: Trip Advisor

This lane is vibrant and colourful. Usually crowded especially when the lane is really small which makes it a challenge to roam around. The lane is filled with pop-up stalls with sellers displaying and selling unique souvenirs, childhood snacks and craft items. 

Insta-Worthy Ipoh - Explore Old Town Ipoh - Things To Do in Malaysia
Source: Discoverist

It is also a great place to take some instagram-worth photos! 

6. Chill at Kong Heng Square Market 

After all the adventures under the hot sun and open air, how about we take you to somewhere cooler? 

Kong Heng Square – Katong Kids Inc | Singapore Travel & Lifestyle Blog
Source: Katong Kids Inc

Introducing Kong Heng Square Artisanal Market, nestled quietly at the corner of Panglima Road. It is so quiet that some may not notice the space. However, Kong Heng Square is also no stranger to many visitors in Ipoh. 

Revived and thriving | The Edge Markets
Source: The Edge Markets

It is like Concubine lane, but more spacious, modern and some said even better!

The space displays the vibe of a flea market with various pop-up stalls that includes snacks, clothing and souvenirs as well. There is also a Plan B cafe tucked in the market.

7. Enjoy Breath-taking View at Tasik Cermin (Mirror Lake)

As the sun begins to set and the air becomes cooler, no better place in Ipoh than Tasik Cermin to have a chill stroll. This place is a hidden forest-like gem that is surrounded by limestone karst formations, it feels like a movie! 

Tasik Cermin Gunung Rapat Tempat Menarik Wajib Pergi di Ipoh Perak - Tempat  Menarik
Source: Tempat Menarik
Ipoh's Tasik Cermin gets love from internet users as an Instagrammable spot  (VIDEO) | Life | Malay Mail
Source: Malay Mail

Tasik Cermin has received much praise from visitors. It is popular for its magical view that no photographs can do its justice. Hence, it is highly recommended that you witness this beautiful place yourself with your own eyes! 

8. Visit Ipoh’s Cave Temple 

Speaking of limestone karst formation, the cave temples in Ipoh are an essential part of what makes Ipoh unique. Just like how KLCC is an integral part of Kuala Lumpur. 

Probably the best cave in ipoh - Perak Tong Cave Temple, Ipoh Traveller  Reviews - Tripadvisor
Source: Trip Advisor

You’d be surprised to see the number of people who are keen to visit these temples in Ipoh. Each visit is yet again accompanied by crowds and crowds! However, we can see why crowds love these temples; because they are beautiful! 

Entree Kibbles: Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple [極樂洞] - Cavern of Ultimate Bliss @  Ipoh [Perak, Malaysia]
Source: Cavin Teo

You may include Kek Lok Tong Temple into your list. I won’t ruin the surprise for you about this temple but all I can say is, this place is truly magnificent! 

9. Be Adventurous at Kellie’s Castle 

*Psstt* Ladies and gentleman, rumour has it that this castle is haunted. I still remember the stories my primary school teacher used to scare my classmates and I with as we learned about this mysterious castle in our textbooks.

Kellie's Castle at Batu Gajah, Perak - Huislaw.com
Source: Huislaw

However, that makes it worth a visit even more! It is an abandoned Scottish Mansion that is incomplete. Today, this castle is one of the most popular attractions in Malaysia and is usually crowded (again) during festive seasons. 

Kellie's Castle — William Harald-Wong & Associates
Source: WHW Design

I have to say, there is nothing special about the space but the vintage architecture which I enjoy. However, if you are curious on the castle, go for a visit! 

 10. Hike the Ulu Geroh Rafflesia Trail

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, the small hike to see Rafflesia flowers is something to look forward to!

Ulu Geroh is just a 30-minute drive from Ipoh, lined with durian orchards and forest reserves.

Source: Remote Lands

During this five-kilometre-long trail, you will also see hundreds of Rajah Brooke butterflies. These stunning creatures with black and green hind wings are named after James Brooke, who was once the Rajah (monarch) of Sarawak.

 11. Jalan-jalan at the Night Market 

We have come to the evening of Ipoh after all the adventures in the morning and afternoon.

Some food would be ideal at this point. Instead of dining in a restaurant, how about giving the night markets here a try? 

We all know not all night markets are available everyday, but worry not we have found you one perfect night market to visit any day of the week (except Mondays) and that is the Ipoh Walk Night Market! 

Ipoh Walk Night Bazaar Is Back With Thousand of Surprises This December 8!  - JOHOR NOW
Source: Johor Now

Started only in late 2017, Ipoh Walk is known as the largest night market in Malaysia today. Locals love to jalan-jalan here as well and it is usually busy with many people dining and tapau-ing their favourite street food. 

12. Enjoy the Night View at Kinta Riverfront 

Kinta Riverfront, located behind one of Ipoh’s top hotels; Kinta Rivefront Hotel & Suites is one spot that I will always visit whenever at Ipoh.

It is a mini I-city, like in Shah Alam, KL, with stunning colourful LED lights with shapes like a tree all over the place.

Kinta Riverfront Walk - GoWhere Malaysia
Source: GoWhere

It is very relaxing to stroll on a breezy evening or night. On some special occasions, Kinta Riverfront also hosts pop-up stalls, turning the beautiful space into a bazaar market. 

Ipoh - A nigh stroll at the Kinta River walk -
Source: Look East

Definitely worth a visit for wind down after a long day! Not to mention, the colourful lights make the entire space uniquely romantic. 

13. Wind Down at Hot Spring Tambun Lost World

This is for the extra peeps who prefer to relax or wind down by doing something more exciting than just strolling or walking! 

The Night Park - Lost World of Tambun Theme Park
Source: Sunway Lost World of Tambun

This Hot Springs is only open in the evening. If you’d like a place to do nothing after a long day, enjoy soaking in some hot steamy water to relax! 

Lost World of Tambun | Full Access Ticket | ( January 2021 ! )
Source: Tripcarte

Besides the hot spring, there are other night activities lined up for you too such as the petting zoo luminous forest and some action performances. A night in Ipoh is definitely not mundane at all with these attractions available.

14. Drink Up at Tiga Cocktail Bar 

Dear alcoholics, we did not forget you! We understand some of you would prefer to have a glass of refreshing cocktail or drink to end the night and chit-chat with your friends or family. Luckily, Ipoh continues to amaze us. 

Source: Instagram

Tiga is a speakeasy bar hidden in an alley near the Market Lane. The space welcomes visitors with its warm ambience accompanied by dim lights, which immediately feels very relaxing already as you enter. 

Source: Instagram

Their cocktails look really presentable with very unique names with different stories behind each name given to the drinks. We love a cultured and thoughtfully-curated menu!

15. Chill at Bulatan Amanjaya (Meru Raya Park)

Source: The Ipoh Guide

Slightly further away from the Ipoh town is Meru Raya Park (formerly known as Bulatan Amanjaya). Meru Raya Park is the biggest roundabout in Ipoh.

The huge space inside the roundabout has been used for several activities such as jogging, staging events, a kid’s playground, and cycling activities. 2-4 person bicycle rides are available, not to mention food stalls surrounding the place! On the weekends, you may see a lot of people gathering just to hang out at this park.

Recap of our Top 15 Things To Do in Ipoh:

1. Breakfast at a Kopitiam (Coffee Shop)
2. Walk down Ipoh Heritage Trail

3. Explore Gua Tempurung
4. Explore Ipoh Wall Mural Arts
5. Window Shop at Concubine Lane
6. Chill at Kong Heng Square Market
7. Enjoy Breath-taking View at Tasik Cermin (Mirror Lake)
8. Visit Ipoh’s Cave Temple
9. Be Adventurous at Kellie’s Castle

10. Hike the Ulu Geroh Rafflesia Trail

night :
11. Jalan-jalan at the Night Market
12. Enjoy the Night View at Kinta Riverfront
13. Wind Down at Hot Spring Tambun Lost World
14. Drink Up at Tiga Cocktail Bar 

15. Chill at Bulatan Amanjaya (Meru Raya Park)

Remember to save this page and we hope you enjoy your trip in Ipoh, Perak!

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